Irwin 1


Irwin Chang-Stein is frightened. Of what you ask? Absolutely everything. Well, everything except Becky Hooger, who he’s got a giant crush on. When he's not rocking in the fetal position under a palm tree, you'll find this neurotic fanboy following Becky like a needy dog, hoping to score some “alone time” with her. Unfortunately, Becky has zero interest in the schleppy Irwin – and she finds it incredibly annoying whenever he tails her. But Irwin is convinced that she’s simply playing hard to get – just like Princess Athena did when she spurned the advances of Jardoz The Irrefutable in Part Two of the classic book and movie trilogy “Temple of Shiraz: Beyond The Hidden Forbidden Fortress of Baltheba Sheen.” And like Jardoz, he too will eventually win over his princess!

With terminally frazzled nerves, Irwin sees trouble around every corner. He has no filter between his giant brain and his quivering mouth, and often spews a running commentary of the imaginative and comically irrational thoughts racing through his head that always lead to a fantastic and ridiculous “worst case scenario.”  After all, he’s got an encyclopedic knowledge of Sci-Fi/Fantasy Monsters throughout history – along with an intimate awareness of what horror these island Monsters are capable of. While the others try to shoot down his fears, Irwin’s defense is always “Could happen!”

A hypochondriac of the highest order, Irwin is often a victim of exaggerated, ridiculous allergic reactions (giant inflated hands, tongue blisters, a bloated butt, etc.) The only saving grace this bizarre island holds for him (besides being close to Becky) is the comfort he finds whenever he hears Monsters Urp and Durn at each other’s throats. Raised by a constantly bickering Chinese Father and Jewish Mother, Urp and Durn’s squabbling is a soothing soundtrack that reminds him of home.

Quick with a witty retort and genuinely funny, Irwin treasures his backpack that’s filled with comic books, sci-fi trading cards, action figures, and polyhedral dice, and he’ll often speak in the third person (“Irwin likes!”)

Nerds monsters - 5


  • It could be possible that Irwin's design was based off of Milhouse Van Houten's, from "The Simpsons", as both characters share similar traits.