Welcome to the "Nerds And Monsters" (or NAM) Wikia! Please keep it clean, contribute if you like, or just browse. But above all, have fun!


The current admins on this site are Senyusu.Kun, Riechu, and DeeBenn, who usually come on to edit things and monitor the site. So if you break any of the rules (that are shown below), then you may get blocked


No trolling.

No vandalizing and spamming the pages. (Ex. Deleting anything important, changing the pictures to unnecessary ones, adding unnecessary info, etc.)

Be mature

No being rude to other users

Do not whine to the admins (Senyusu.Kun, Riechu, and DeeBenn. ) When you want to be an admin, you have to earn it!

NOTE - this site is monitored and abuse and/or vile images will not be tolerated.

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