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Stan 1

Stan is the star lineman on the Beaverton Bulldogs – an apt name because Stan is a lot like a bulldog: he’s big, loyal, has no neck, takes direction well, breathes through his mouth, is frightened of loud noises, and lifts his leg when he pees.

As one of the middle school’s jocks, the Nerds to him were nothing but an easy target for ridicule – something he and his pals would happily revel in. Since the clueless Stan’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer, his insults would always be extremely confusing and completely random, so he learned to let the smarter jocks make most of the cracks and just happily laugh and point at the Nerds. But now that he’s stuck on Monster Island with three of the ultra-geeks, he realizes that his survival depends on working together with the Nerds. He needs them and their giant brains to help outsmart the attacking Monsters. So he tries to control the insults and put-downs, but it’s a hard habit to break and he often catches himself making fun of the Nerds… and then quickly apologizing.

Stan has a history with Dudley and knows him as that twerpy water boy who was always coming up with ridiculously complex plays and trying to rally the team onto victory. Stan considered Dudley mostly annoying, but sometimes his speeches kinda made sense. Now on the island, the naïve Stan needs Dudley’s direction – he’s nothing without a coach. And Dudley’s the only coach he’s got, so he’ll listen to the little dork… sorry, “dude” … and will faithfully carry out his game plan. That is as long as the plan doesn’t become too complicated, or the extremely simple Stan quickly loses focus and immediately becomes confused. Like a dog, Stan is obedient but easily distracted, and his actions often spiral the plan into a vortex of fantastic failure.

In Stan, the Nerds have something none of them possess – muscle and brute strength. Whenever they need physical force, they call on Stan to do his thing. And Stan happily obliges. He’s a work-horse, and he loves it. In fact, we’ll sometimes find Dudley riding on Stan's shoulders - like Napoleon upon his mighty steed.

Stan is happiest when he’s sweating. And like a dog, he needs exercise – so it’s not uncommon to find one of the Nerds taking Stan on a long walk, or even playing fetch with him!